Uzbekistan specializes in Halal food additives

By invitation of the company «Geomax-Ecolan» (Tashkent) representatives of the International Center of "Halal" Standardization and Certification of Russian Muftis Council visited the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In one of the respectable areas in Tashkent presentation was hosted by the Centre for firms which are specializing in the production of Halal products. Aydar Gazizov CEO spoke about the development of Halal industry and a system of voluntary certification of "Halal" in Russia. The press conference participants were invited to the upcoming exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2012. Also as part of the visit there was an inspection of food additives produced by «Eomax». According to his results the certificate was issued to the part of products.

During the Uzbekistan visit, CEO Aydar Gazizov and the director of "Halal" standard Implementing Center Rinat Zaripov visited the factory producing sausages in Samarkand.


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