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Internet project "Islamic economics, finance, business" is intended to be informational support to the Economic department of Russia Muftis Council, as well as an interactive platform for education, exchange of business ideas and projects, not contrary to Islamic morals.

Economic department is the continuation of the activities of the Economic programmes office under the International Relations Department of Russia Muftis Council which operated in July 2008 - MArch 2011.

The main aim of the Department is to make recommendations and joint efforts to solve issues related to the socio - economic life and activities of Muslims of Russia. The strategic goal of the Department is to create, develop and maintain an effective system of economic life of Muslims and Muslim organizations in Russia. To ensure the activities department carries out ongoing coordination with experts in the field of Islamic economics and finance.

The Department is one of the initiators of the Russian Expert Association in Islamic Finance (former Working Group on alternative (Islamic) financial institutions and products), which is a platform for sharing experience and information, the study of international experience, development of programs and regulations, preparing the ground for holding seminars, conferences, courses of lectures in areas of Islamic business ethics, zakat, the Waqf, banking, insurance, wealth management, investments, etc.

In the development of many programs and trends of the department the experience of other countries is taken into account. Invaluable assistance in this matter the diplomats of Muslim countries in Moscow have.

In our turn, we allow foreign businessmen who wish to cooperate with Russia, to establish contacts with the Muslim organizations in our country, and vice versa. We already have and constantly expand base of Russian businessmen, Muslims, who have projects aimed at meeting the needs of Muslims and at the same time are open to all comers. The task of the department in this regard is uniting of interest of potential investors and entrepreneurs.

In this regard, the department drafted the Moscow International Exhibition "halal", which is planned to hold a day of Islamic economics and finance, where Russian and foreign investors and entrepreneurs can submit their capabilities and projects.

The Department is headed by Phd. in Economics, Ms. Madina Kalimullina.